Emergency Service

We repair all types of coffee and espresso equipment.  Our normal hours of operation are 7-3. 


After Hours Emergency Service

Your espresso machine just broke and its Saturday morning! We can absolutely sympathize and we do all we can to get you back up and running.  We are available 24/7 to assist you and strongly encourage a scheduled maintenance plan to keep these visits to a minimum.  We always give first priority to our scheduled maintenance customers.




We can install all types of coffee equipment from coffee brewers to espresso machines.  We install all equipment to the factory specifications and calibrate the equipment to bring out the best in your coffee.  Installation is always free with a machine purchase from us.





Scheduled Maintenance

The cornerstone of our business and hopefully yours as well.  We come in at an agreeable time and go over your machine top to bottom and return every 3, 4, or 6 months automatically.  We replace common wear parts, calibrate all of the important brewing factors and look for any issues that may need attention before the next visit.  When we visit we like to work on all equipment in the café on one visit.  1 Year is included free with machine purchase.  You can enroll your location below.


Espresso machines

We follow the manufacturers guide along with your desired calibrations.  Commonly we will replace group gaskets, screens, rebuild steam wands and valves, clean probes and tank components, inspect the machine for proper operation and calibrate temperature, pressure, volume and flow rate.


Coffee Brewers

This is great for quality control on your drip brew.  We inspect the tank for mineral deposits, clean the probes, valves and spray heads.  We inspect the unit for any parts that need to be addressed, then calibrate the temperature and brew volumes to your recipe.



The grind is one of the most underestimated factors of the brewing cycle.  It really doesn't matter how good your coffee is if you're not using a proper working grinder.  We clean, calibrate and take a look at the grinding burrs.


Water Filtration

Water has an amazing power.  It can carve into mountains, carry our surfboards and extract flavor from ground coffee beans.  We can install, service and replace your water filters on a scheduled maintenance plan to keep things working properly