Spring Cleaning -Scheduling Calls

Wow it's tough to keep up with service requests on text messages, emails, calls into the service line, calls into the cell phones, in passing, or my personal favorite while I'm getting my morning cup of coffee.  

We thought a little spring cleaning was in order!  We're now basing our time around square appointment. Littered all over our new website are links to book a service call. You'll be able to tell us what services you're interested in, when you want is there and a good idea of the cost. 

If you happen to be enrolled in a scheduled maintenance plan (please please be enrolled for both of us) we will block off the time and you don't need to schedule anything. We will take care of it all for you. 

The nice thing about square appointments is that you get notified of any changes to the appointment or if we would need to charge anything upfront to secure the visit. 

We are also attaching a loyalty program to all appointments booked using square appointments. 

Thanks so much for your business and helping us to better support you!